Piano Lessons


I believe music has the power to inspire all of us, and creating music brings joy and connectedness to others and the world around us.  I also believe that in teaching piano lessons, I am not only teaching music, but teaching self-confidence, the power of delayed gratification, and the ability to accomplish large goals by breaking them down into smaller, manageable pieces.  My aim is to help students discover the joy of expressive music making, all while having fun at the piano and accomplishing songs that were once difficult.

I enjoy teaching a variety of styles of music (including jazz, classical, and pop) and while I have particular method books that I use for young students, middle school students and older will enjoy working on music primarily of their own choice, with guidance on my part to help discover new possibilities.   I have chosen to personalize every lesson to the personality and interests of each student, helping them to understand more about the arts, the world and themselves.


Why I am uniquely qualified to teach piano:


My entire life’s passion has been music.  From an early age, I remember watching in amazement as my grandmother would play and improvise hymns at the country church we attended in west-central Wisconsin.  I started taking piano lessons, wanting to be able to play just like Grandma!  My family moved to Denver when I was 8, and I continued to learn increasingly difficult piano pieces, always eager to get to the piano after school (hard to believe right?).  In college I pursued and graduated with a degree in Piano Performance.  One of my highlights was winning a music competition by playing Liszt Piano Concert No. 1.  I have continued to work as a freelance pianist, music director, educator, coach, and accompanist for some of Denver’s top schools and organizations including:


Denver School of the Arts
Denver Center for the Performing Arts
PHAMALY Theatre Company
Logan School for Creative Learning
Graland Country Day School
St. Mary’s Academy
Bear Valley Church
Christian Youth Theater
Magic Moments, Inc.


What sets me apart from other teachers in my area:


  • I am an active performer, music director, and accompanist in Denver and make my living as a musician (this is my life, not a part time job or hobby!).
  • I respect your musical choices, desires and goals rather than giving you songs that I think you should learn.
  • I am actively engaged in your lesson, always looking for ways to refine, challenge and bring new ideas to your music making— you have my full attention when you’re at my studio!
  • I spend time preparing before each lesson to ensure progress toward your goals.
  • I can show you how to produce maximum results with less practice time using a few simple ideas.

Tuition rates:

$120 / month

30-minute lessons, new piano music on a regular basis (every 6 weeks or as needed) at no additional cost, use of technology during lessons, mp3s for reference in practicing new music.

$240 / month

60-minute lessons, new piano music on a regular basis (every 6 weeks or as needed) at no additional cost, use of technology during lessons, mp3s for reference in practicing new music.


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